Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Mom:

Things have been a little crazy around here. WE close on our house tomorrow and after I unpack, get organized and decorate, I should find a little more time to focus on releasing all of this creative energy of mine. Hopefully the decorating and painting and getting settled in will promote some positive creativity.

I has every intention of having a blog dedicated to my mom on Mother's Day, but just never found the time, so here it is... even though I'm a bit late, I can't pass up the opportunity to post some pictures that remind me of my mom. My mom has a very distinctive preference and taste. It is from here I learned to love all things girly. My childhood was saturated with pinks and purples... ruffles and bows... princesses and fairy's... lipstick and purses... anything that was saturated in femininity.

We share the same mindset that we were both born in the wrong era. Big frilly and poofy romantic dresses captivate us and instigate day dreaming of royal balls, waltzes and Prince Charmings. We both found our Prince Charmings now, so we really can't complain.

It is a well known fact to those who love her that she does not just have a "sweet tooth", she has SEVERAL sweet teeth... like a whole mouth full... which is yet another thing she passed along to me.

And then there's purple... which I told myself my entire life I would NEVER love as much as mom, or even close. I got so sick of seeing it as a teenager everywhere I turned in out house there was a hint... or barrage of purple. Tastefully done of course, but I still told myself I would NEVER... and well never say never. Deep purple is a main color in my new house. =)

I pretty much love and adore her.

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Kim Timberlake said...

What a sweet and touching tribute to your mom. I couldn't help but smile when I read it because it was so her! She will treasure every morsel of it!