Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From skylines... to corn???

In case you've ever wondered how the landscape and scenery differs from Texas:

One word: CORN!
(the real kind of corn...that's taller than me)


So Ready!

I am SO ready to take my daily necessities from iced drinks, sun glasses and sarongs to cover my bathing suits....

to closed toe shoes, light scarves and darker colored purses!

I think I'm going to throw a welcome Party for Fall! Who's in?!

I want:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Week's Creations

I am loving the transition into Graphic Design. I am still learning, but it's becoming easier and easier. I can pretty much do all of the basics just fine, it's all of the infinite amount of crazy details that you can add to something, that I get caught up on. Regardless, it's something that I can really see shaping my future in creative arts.

This past week's creations:

This was for a series that Seth is doing for youth called "Reach" ...the sermon about the zombies was interesting, but amazing... as always! I am SO proud of Seth. I've been around preachers and youth pastors my entire life and have been exposed to some pretty awesome ones, but Seth just tops the charts. He's definitely doing what he was created to do... that's for sure.

This is a postcard I quickly threw together for my boss at the Centralia Branch of the church.

This was something that I did to practice:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Little Thing I Like to Call "Promotion"

Some people may not know this, but long before my husband Seth was doing youth ministry he was a graphic designer. (A VERY talented graphic designer actually.) Since Seth has worked for the church, he has been the “Director of Creative Arts” which basically means he is over all of the media aspects of the church. From the graphic design, the video, lights, and any other digital production. He also is always working on some freelance stuff in his very minimal spare time. When Seth does something he puts every ounce of himself into it, and as a result it stretches his talent and constantly takes it to new levels and he just becomes very knowledgeable and efficient in those certain areas. For a while now it has been harder for him to maintain the Creative Arts Department because of the growth of the youth group. We are currently running anywhere between 60 and 90 students and it is just becoming more and more consuming and as a result, more difficult for him to do both jobs.

Well, on the other side, I have struggled since I moved here on finding a way to release all of this creative energy that I get all built up. I work in an administrative position at the church, which I love and am so thankful for, but it is definitely not an area that I am super passionate about. I was talking to my boss the other day and we both had this huge epiphany. It was one of those things where you wonder why the heck you hadn’t thought of it already. So basically my gifts all center around fine arts and creative arts. I can do other things, and I do, but I thrive in the creative and artistic arenas. I am already pretty heavily involved in the Fine Arts departments here at the church, but being a worship leader that basically comes by default. Still, the majority of my energy goes towards being an administrative assistant, and the journalism, but it is not what I am passionate about. I am passionate about art and inspiration, self expression and creating connections for people. So as of this past week, the door has been opened for me to do this in my workplace. I am being moved from an administrative position to a more fitting position in the Creative Arts Department as a graphic designer. I see it as an incredible promotion. As a result, I have spent many hours lately learning all of the software and am just about efficient enough to make the official transition. I am very excited about this. I love that my leadership believes in cultivating the gifts that God has given you rather than throwing you into an area that you don’t have a heart for. In the middle of all of this I also got given a big project that I am super excited about. We are starting a media driven church newsletter/magazine and it is now “my baby.” I guess I will more or less be an executive editor over it... whatever you want to call it, I am totally thrilled about it and honored to be placed in charge of such a big project. God is already opening some amazing doors through this new found skill and passion and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

So I’m still at the beginner level, but here’s a couple of my Photoshop creations. I’ve mostly been doing personal things while I learn. Today was the first day for me to venture into my already growing to-list at church… I’m sure I will continue to use my new knowledge for personal use and I might possibly post some of my church work here and there.

These are some banners I made, I just couldn't get the top one to the point that I wanted it, so I am obviously currently using the black one.

For the Love of Thursday

No rhyme or reason to my post today, just a few things that caught me eye and made my heart smile...

These two perfectly dramatic Anthropologie ads. I have been able to visit the Anthropologie in St Louis quite often as of lately and for that, I am very thankful. . A visit to Anthropologie is charming enough, but as of lately I've been able to make some beautiful purchases and that's one sure way to have a wonderful day!

I just liked this.

I could relate to this precious, but angry little red-head.

And I think everyone needs to hear this at one point or another.
Give it time... everything will be okay.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yay Me!

Yes, I made my new banner all by myself on Photoshop. =) I made another one and just was not happy with it. I might post it just to let you see. I'm pretty sure all will agree that the one I chose is the better of the two.

I still have a lot to learn, but from what I'm being told, I'm doing great for only being a Photoshop student for a week. Yay me!