Thursday, August 14, 2008

This Week's Creations

I am loving the transition into Graphic Design. I am still learning, but it's becoming easier and easier. I can pretty much do all of the basics just fine, it's all of the infinite amount of crazy details that you can add to something, that I get caught up on. Regardless, it's something that I can really see shaping my future in creative arts.

This past week's creations:

This was for a series that Seth is doing for youth called "Reach" ...the sermon about the zombies was interesting, but amazing... as always! I am SO proud of Seth. I've been around preachers and youth pastors my entire life and have been exposed to some pretty awesome ones, but Seth just tops the charts. He's definitely doing what he was created to do... that's for sure.

This is a postcard I quickly threw together for my boss at the Centralia Branch of the church.

This was something that I did to practice:

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