Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow Day Inspiration

It's a snow day. Me and Seth couldn't drive out to the church today because of the roads. Normally I would spend the day cleaning my house and organizing, but the house is clean, and I'm as organized as I am going to be before our move.

A day this gloomy and cold is just begging for a pair of sweat pants, a warm blanket, a book(and/or laptop), a well writing pen and journal, and a calm cup of hot tea, or a good old comforting cup of coffee.

Favorite sweats: Victoria's secret PINK "boyfriend sweats"

Current book: Time management for the Creative Person by: Lee Silber

Background noise: The movie, That Thing You Do

My Journal: I have so many that I love... but I just started a new themed journal in a handmade journal from Nepal, made of totally raw materials that is eco-friendly and uniquely beautiful. (in this journal i use only pencils and paints... no ink)

Coffee: Starbucks whole bean house blend... I grounded it of course.

Tea: my choice of tea for later will be a chai blend with a touch of cream and one splenda.

Inspiring me for today are the following:

My dishes...

Look at all of the options...
(Republic of Teas on the left... which I highly recommend.)

Abandoned in the snow, bless it's heart...

Looks like my table.

She doesn't like tea... or coffee, but I miss my mom, Cindy.

Stay warm. Stay inspired.

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