Friday, November 7, 2008

A REALLY good excuse

There IS a perfectly good reason for the sudden and complete lack of creative blogging! That reason is that there appears to be a little life growing inside of me!!! Me and Seth are SO excited! Now that I'm showing and I can feel some movement it's just all hitting home. I am in my 18th week and will be finding out the sex of the baby in 3 weeks, just in time for some holiday shopping! They're never too young for you to teach them how to shop. Here are some pics from this past week. My stomach literally appeared out of nowhere! The weird part is, as large as my stomach is getting, I HAVEN'T GAINED MORE THAN ONE POUND!!! I know the weight gain will come, but I'm glad I have a handle on it and am not out of control. We are due April 23! So... more details to come. I am headed to Cincinnati this weekend to visit the Creation Museum and to do some shopping of course!

Here are some pictures...

SERIOUSLY, this thing popped out overnight!

This is me being VERY happy!!!!

Some Bonding time!!!

It's growing!!!

I already started decorating for Christmas, things are just too busy in November to wait. I also decorated my cats. They didn't like it much but they will thank me after this week's cold front!

Fall is upon us! The trees this year are just amazing!

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Anonymous said...

whens the next post on here!?
you have to be inspired about the babies room and your new room etc!?

oh I know what it is! have too much extra time on your hands to be thinking about keeping up with 2 blogs.